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Hagarla Institute (HI) believes that all human beings are equal and have capacity to be self-sustainable when given access to basic human rights. HI is unique in that it is Somali-run and a solutions-oriented organization that seek to provide Somalis with the skills, resources, and knowledge to stand on their own feet. As Somalia emerges out of three decades of conflict, HI is strengthening and expanding upon its existing projects. 


Producing monthly and annual reports in a timely fashion following given templates on the existing programs: Ongoing Researches, Continues Medical Education programs, Community Health Delivery, and Mobile Clinics.

Developing our outreach program to raise awareness about the importance of public health awareness. 

Producing reports and sending written updates to Deqo Mohamed & Adam Haibah on the Hagarla projects.

Helping the logistics team with tasks, such as recording and liaising with the administration team. 

Training departmental staffers in oral, aural, and written English skills twice a week (two-hour sessions each).

Coordinating with other departmental heads in Somalia to compile a submit a monthly report.

Taking and uploading photos and videos of the Hagarla Events.

Updating social media channels and Hagarla Website Weekly.

Performing other duties as required.

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